Guaranteed Satisfaction

The EKG Guarantee

We guarantee to do right by you, your satisfaction is important to us! Our customer support is available pre-purchase and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have. We do our best to go above and beyond, providing the best shipping available to you and delivering a product you can rely on. We stand behind each of our products and feedback is always appreciated.

Our Product Promise

Always striving to do better, we provide only reliable products. Every item goes through a photography session as we prepare them for the real world. New, used, or new out of the box parts are inspected before they reach the photobooth. After a shootout they are organized in our warehouse where they await their new home! The products, once the order is placed, are then reinspected and packed tightly to prevent any damages during the shipping process. Finally, they wait for you to open them up and put them to use!