3M™ Cold Shrink Splice Kit 5551-3C-AC


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Genuine 3m splice kit will do a set of 3 wires does not include crimp connectors for the wire
Cable Connection
Cable Shielding
Tape Shield, UniShield®, Wire Shield
Cable Type
Cable with rubber insulation
Case Quantity
Color Family
Conductor Material
Aluminum, Copper
Conductor Sizes (Imperial)
4/0 AWG
Conductor Sizes (Metric)
120 mm²
Halogen Free
Insulation Level
100%, 133%
Insulation O.D. Range
0.37-0.78 Inch
Insulation O.D. Range (Metric)
9.4 – 19.8 mm
Insulation Outer Diameter (Imperial)
0.37 in, 0.38 in, 0.39 in, 0.4 in, 0.41 in, 0.42 in, 0.43 in, 0.44 in, 0.45 in, 0.46 in, 0.47 in, 0.48 in, 0.49 in, 0.5 in, 0.51 in, 0.52 in, 0.53 in, 0.54 in, 0.55 in, 0.56 in, 0.57 in, 0.58 in, 0.59 in, 0.6 in, 0.61 in, 0.62 in, 0.63 in, 0.64 in, 0.65 in, 0.66 in, 0.67 in, 0.68 in, 0.69 in, 0.7 in, 0.71 in, 0.72 in, 0.73 in, 0.74 in, 0.75 in, 0.76 in, 0.77 in, 0.78 in, 0.79 in, 0.8 in, 0.81 in, 0.82 in, 0.83 in, 0.84 in, 0.85 in, 0.86 in, 0.87 in, 0.88 in
Insulation Outer Diameter (Metric)
10.16 mm, 10.414 mm, 10.668 mm, 10.922 mm, 11.176 mm, 11.43 mm, 11.684 mm, 11.938 mm, 12.192 mm, 12.446 mm, 12.7 mm, 12.954 mm, 13.208 mm, 13.462 mm, 13.716 mm, 13.97 mm, 14.224 mm, 14.478 mm, 14.732 mm, 14.986 mm, 15.24 mm, 15.494 mm, 15.748 mm, 16.002 mm, 16.256 mm, 16.51 mm, 16.764 mm, 17.018 mm, 17.272 mm, 17.526 mm, 17.78 mm, 18.034 mm, 18.288 mm, 18.542 mm, 18.796 mm, 19.05 mm, 19.304 mm, 19.558 mm, 19.812 mm, 9.398 mm, 9.652 mm, 9.906 mm
EPDM Rubber
Maximum Conductor Size (Imperial)
3/0 AWG (Aluminum), 4/0 AWG (Copper)
Maximum Conductor Size (Metric)
120 mm² (Copper), 95 mm² (Aluminum)
Maximum Connector Length
2.7 inch, 2.7 inch (Al), 3.3 inch (Cu)
Maximum Connector Length (Metric)
68.6 mm, 69 mm (Al), 84 mm (Cu)
Minimum Conductor Size (Imperial)
6 AWG (Aluminum), 6 AWG (Copper)
Minimum Conductor Size (Metric)
16 mm² (Aluminum), 16 mm² (Copper)
Cold Shrink
National Stock Number
Number of Conductors
1, 3
Overall Length (Imperial)
19 in
Overall Length (Metric)
483 mm
Product Color
Product Series
5550 Series, 5551-3C-AC Series
Product Technology
Cold Shrink, Cold Shrink, Sheath Wrap, Tape, Tape, Cold Shrink
RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant
RoHS EU Comments
Contact 3M for information
Splice Type
Cold Shrink, Inline
Suggested Accessory
3M™ Ground Strap Assembly GS-1
TDS Required
Typical Splice Length
19.0 in, 34 in
Typical Splice Length (Metric)
482.6 mm, 864 mm
Units per Case
5 kV, 5/8 kV, 8 kV
Voltage Application
Medium Voltage

3M™ Cold Shrink/Sheath Wrap, Armored or Non-Armored Splice Kit 5551-3C-AC is for splicing 3/C, 5/8 kV shielded, armored and non-armored cables. Connectors are not included. Kits include Sheath Wrap to reconstitute the cable’s armor. Meets the requirements of IEEE 404. Each kit makes one 3/C splice. Note: Cable sizes shown below are for standard insulation thickness. Final determining factor is cable insulation O.D.

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