Cummins intake elbow 4936979


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Good used Genuine Cummins 4936979 air intake

Are you looking for the perfect OEM replacement for your Cummins engine? Look no further. This air intake is a great choice as it is a used pull-off part in fully functioning condition. Made from the same high-quality materials and rigorous testing as your original part to ensure reliability, this air intake is built to last and continue to sustain your engine’s performance. With a little paint, you will be ready to go with a brand new* part! When you choose a genuine Cummins 4936979 air intake, you can be confident that you’re getting a product that is designed specifically for your engine and meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Don’t settle for a subpar air intake that can compromise your engine’s performance and reliability, stick to a genuine Cummins air intake and keep your peace of mind for reliability. Contact us today or order online and Thank You For Choosing EKG!

Other part number 4947863

*obviously not brand new even when freshly painted but can appear as such and will maintain reliability and fully function either way.