NEW – Genuine Cummins – HX35 Exhaust Pipe Adapter – #3533029, #3527758, #4038591


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Genuine Cummins 3233029-3527758-4038591

Stock HX35 Exhaust Pipe Adapter

For 3in v-band clamp.  !!!!!!!  Not all clamps and flanges  created equal Please compare specs below!!!!

The clamp flange has an O.D. of 3.104″ or 78.84mm —This is the largest portion of the flange for the clamp

clamp groove OD 2.829″ 71.85mm —-the od of the groove behind the flange for the clamp

clamp groove width 0.300″ 7.63mm—- the width of the groove behind the clamp for the groove

upper clamp flange width 0.154″ 3.91mm— width of the very top of the clamp flange

lower clamp flange width 0.206″ 5.24mm—- Width of the flange at the base flange lip and the groove floor.

bore or ID 2.535 64.40mm—– total area for flowing  A ≈ 5.0471—- square in.

#3533029, #3527758, #4038591

Feel free to send a message if your not confident this will work for you.