Rebuilt Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank Assembly 85138746 84831759


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Remanufactured Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank Assembly Part #’s 85138746 and 84831759

Tanks are rebuilt in house with genuine gm pumps and heaters we require your tank back and will contact you for shipping the core back to us, There Is A $500.00 dollar core charge if you want to get a tank before your core arrives back to us.

We also repair the wiring harness for the tank as well for $150.00 if you have any questions feel free to ask

As we build these in house, know that we have inspected it for any malfunctions or signs of future durability issues, we care about our customers and providing the parts they need. Rest assured, as we only sell OEM or OEM+ parts meeting or exceeding equipment standards, it is sure to last!

Thank You For Choosing EKG!