Romac 10-Inch Grip Ring Pipe Restraint Kit


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This is a brand new kit of parts, never used, it is old stock, but in perfect working condition.

Kit Includes:

1 – 10″ Grip Ring

1 – 10″ Gland

1 – 10″ Gasket

8 – 3/4″ x 4″ Corten Bolts and Nuts

“Full circumferential pipe restraint spreads the restraining forces more evenly than those using radial bolts or pads. The GripRing uses a standard mechanical joint gasket and t-bolts. There are no radial bolts for the installer to forget to tighten. When the t-bolts on the gland are tightened, the GripRing restraint is engaged. The GripRing may be used at the full rated capacity of the pipe, including an allowance for pressure surges. The ‘gap’ in each GripRing is designed to completely close before a pipe can be excessively stressed. 
Manufactured in the USA.
USE  Provides full circumferential restraint of mechanical joints.
SIZES 4″ – 12″
COMPATIBILITY  Ductile iron, C900 and IPS PVC pipe (see catalog page for details).
WORKING PRESSURE  Up to 350 psi.

NSF61 certified upon request.” ~ ROMAC Industries

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